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PictShare logo


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Host your own images gifs mp4s text bins and stay in control

PictShare demo

[INFO] March '23

Since Docker Hub won't allow team Organizations anymore, we moved our images to GitHub Container Registry. So if you want to use the latest version, please use the new image instead of hascheksolutions/pictshare

Table of contents


docker run -d -p 8080:80 --name=pictshare

Then open http://localhost:8080 in your browser

New Features in v2

  • Added support for external storage
  • Encryption of files in external storage
  • Added text hosting (like pastebin)
  • Added URL shortening
  • Added WebP to images (and conversion from jpg,png to webp)
  • Massive code rework. Actually we designed it from the ground up to be more modular and easier to debug


  • Selfhostable
  • Simple upload API
  • 100% file based - no database needed
  • Scalable
  • Many Filters for images
  • GIF to MP4 conversion
  • JPG, PNG to WEBP conversion
  • MP4 resizing
  • PictShare removes all exif data so you can upload photos from your phone and all GPS tags and camera model info get wiped
  • Change and resize your uploads just by editing the URL
  • Duplicates don't take up space. If the exact same file is uploaded twice, the second upload will link to the first
  • Many configuration options
  • Full control over your data. Delete images with individual and global delete codes

Development roadmap

  • Duplicate detection
  • Write permission detection
  • Delete codes for every uploaded file
  • Upload via link/url
  • Upload via base64
  • Autodestruct for every uploaded file

Config options

Read here what those options do

  • URL (instead of FORCE_DOMAIN but mandatory)

Image hosting

  • Resizing
  • Filters
  • Gif to mp4 conversion
  • Upload of images

Text file hosting

  • Upload of text files
  • Render template for text files
  • Raw data view
  • Downloadable

URL shortening

  • Upload of links to shorten

MP4 hosting

  • Resizing
  • Preview image generation
  • Upload of videos
  • Automatic conversion if not mobile friendly or wrong encoder used
  • Render template for videos

This is a HASCHEK SOLUTIONS project

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